More expensive consumer basket and price increases in Serbia

Prices have risen significantly all over the world in recent months. The price of crude oil alone has increased by 50%.

In Serbia, too, the trend of rising prices is continuing and the consumer basket is getting increasingly more expensive. What lies ahead? Economists cannot say with certainty as it all depends on what will happen in the autumn.

June prices were on average 3.3% higher than in the same month last year. Cooking oil costs 18% more than a year ago, fuel is up 22% and transport almost 15%. Prices have gone up compared to May 2021 too.

Last month, transport prices went up by 0.7% compared to the month before, while prices of health services went up by 0.3%, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, clothes and shoes by 0.2% each while housing costs, water, electricity, gas and other fuels are 0.1% more expensive.

“This summer will be very turbulent, what we as consumers will experience no-one can predict. It would be very bad, not to say disastrous, if this trend of growing prices continued,” said Zoran Nikolic of the National Organisation for Consumer Protection.

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications says the price increase is a global phenomenon. “The prices of crude oil and primary agricultural products on the world market are increasing and this is reflected on the domestic market too,” the Ministry says.

(N1, 14.07.2021)


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