More examples of vote rigging ahead of new Belgrade election

An N1 crew spoke to a group of people who were bussed to Belgrade from a village outside the city of Smederevo allegedly to register as residents in the Serbian capital which would allow them to vote in the coming elections.

According to the N1 reporter, a number of people were brought to Belgrade’s Vozdovac municipality from the village of Mala Krsna. They were left in front of the municipality administration building and nearby police station. The Serbian police issues ID cards which are required to vote.

The opposition and international observers noted cases of people being bussed to Belgrade to vote in the mid-December elections. In order to turn out for the Belgrade City Assembly elections, voters must be registered as residents in the city.

N1 was told by an unnamed source that residents of Mala Krsna were being brought to Belgrade to register residency. Several of the group of some 20 people spoke to N1 but denied that they were there to register with the police.

Others in Mala Krsna said that the busing of villagers to political rallies is not uncommon and that the villagers get paid to do that. One villager said that this was the third time that transport had been organized for them. The man confirmed that a bunch of villagers were going to Belgrade to register residency.

Raša Nedeljkov, from the watchdog organization CRTA, told N1 that the organization documented similar cases across Serbia, adding that poor people usually agreed to change residence for money as confirmed by some of the people in Mala Krsna. He said that this was a large-scale well-organized operation in December. Nedeljkov added he can’t say for sure who was behind it but added that CRTA got information from institution insiders which indicated that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) was the organizer.

(Danas, 08.03.2024)

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