More examples of election fraud – phantom voters

Hundreds of people who voted in the Belgrade elections were registered at addresses where there are abandoned construction sites, closed bars and empty buildings owned by members of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

For instance, a total of 40 voters were registered to live in a 50-square-metre-apartment, while an incredible 154 voters were registered in the house owned by former handball player Vladimir Mandić. And that’s just the beginning.

Every day, the opposition and organizations analyzing the recently held elections in Serbia discover dozens and dozens of addresses where these so-called phantom voters are registered to live.

In a post on the X social network, the Freedom and Justice Party revealed that as many as 74 voters were registered to have been living at a construction site in the municipality of Vračar. “An abandoned house, construction site, yard with cottages – this is home for 74 voters”, the post said.

The first address the Nova reporters visited, where 12 voters are registered to live, 39, Kneza Stracimira Street. There is a construction site at that address. Also, 14 voters were registered to live in an abandoned lot in 11, Generala Horvatovica Street. A small house at 30, Žička Street is apparently home to 24 voters.

“This is just one more proof that the December 17 election results were fraudelant. The SNS has been stealing votes in every election since 2014, but since that they might not win in the Belgrade election, they started registering and bringing in tens of thousands of people who don’t even live in the city. That’s why the Belgrade election must be repeated,” the Freedom and Justice Party said.

A similar situation was noted in the municipality of Zvezdara.

“This is 7, Kajmakčalanska Street in Zvezdara – a coffee shop that has been closed down and a couple of shacks where nobody lives. This is registered residence of 14 and 15 voters respectively,” the SSP notes.

Earlier, the Istinomer website reported that 40 voters were registered at one address in the Belgrade municipality of Voždovac before the elections held on December 17. And that wouldn’t be so strange if their place of residence is a tiny house spanning 58 square metres.

The second house, of 130 square metres in size, is allegedly home to 30 registered voters and is located next to the premises of the local branch of the Serbian Progressive Party. Then there is house of 36 square metres with 29 registered voters and one of 210 square metres with 24 registered voters.

The CRTA investigative website and one of the supervisors at the Belgrade election said that by December 22nd, they generated enough evidence to prove that more than 12,000 voters were part of electoral engineering.

(, 07.01.2024)

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