More details about the new central railway and bus station in Novi Beograd

The Belgrade Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction Affairs has made public the draft amendments to the Plan for the detailed regulation of the bus and railway station complex in Block 42 in Novi Beograd.

As indicated in the documentation, the plan covers a part of the territory of the Municipality of Novi Beograd, between the Jurija Gagarina, Marka Hristića, Đorđa Stanojevića, Nova-1 and Antifašističe Borbe streets, spanning approximately 22.2 hectares.

The project includes a bus station complex, part of a railway station complex and a road network with an adjoining bus station.

The bus station complex covers a total area of ​​approximately 9.2 hectares and will have 44 departure, 12 arrival and 9 arrival/departure platforms only for tourist buses, i.e. a total of 65 platforms, and close to 30 bus parking spaces for longer stops in the immediate vicinity.

A public garage with a minimum of 200 parking spaces with entrance and exit from Đorđa Stanojevića Street will also be available.

The complex will also have pedestrian paths that will connect the two units and have catering, services and entertainment facilities. The second unit will consists of a complex that is part of the planned railway station spanning 10,600 square metres, that will have two functional units.

As indicated in the project, the plan is to build two more railway tracks (one to the left and one to the right of the existing two-track railway), so that the Novi Beograd-Batajnica rail segment has a total of four tracks.

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The plan is also to build another platform on an area towards the bus station. The railway tracks will stretch under the ground and on the surface, in the direction of the Nova 1 and Antifašističke Borbe streets.

A platform servicing five existing tracks and the two planned, as well as catering, general services, commerce, entertainment and hygiene facilities, will be built too.

A parking lot will be built and drivers will be able to access it from the Nova 1 and Đorđa Stanojevića streets. It will have minimum 200 parking spaces, parking area for motorcycles and bicycles and parking for longer bus stops.

The bus station complex in Block 42 in Novi Beograd has already been completed and, according to the city officials, was due to be put into operation as early as autumn. As for the bus station only, work is underway, and it has been announced that some of the traffic from the Belgrade bus station (BAS) will be moved there by the end of the year.

(eKapija, 20.09.2020)

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