More citizens would vote against Vučić than for the opposition

A large segment of Serbian population is against the government of Aleksandar Vučić, but the opposition parties, continuously divided, have failed to gain the trust of the voters, agree the interlocutors of the portal commenting on the results of the research commissioned by Dragan Djilas’ party (SSP).

The reason for this could be the opposition’s behaviour and partly Vučić’s tactics to turn potential opponents into abstentionists, as well as media censorship that negatively affects the public evaluation of opposition parties.

The portal published a public opinion poll, commissioned by the SSP party, which after a long time, showed that less than 50% of citizens who went to the polls would now vote for the SNS party.

According to the poll, 40.2% of voters would still vote for the Progressives, while 26.5% would vote for the opposition parties and movements (SSP, DS, DJB, Dveri, NS, PSG, ZZS, NDBG, SDS). Another 15% would opt for the opposition, but do not know for whom.

The results of the same research also showed that 35.7% of voters would still vote for Aleksandar Vučić, regardless of who is in the opposition. At the same time, 32.9% of voters would vote against Vučić, again regardless of who is in the opposition, and as many as 31.4% of the survey respondents do not know if they would vote and for whom.

Bojan Klačar, director of CeSID, says that the research shows a different trend in relation to what has been detected before.

“The results are different in terms of the SNS rating, which didn’t fall below 50% before. That’s the trend we’ve seen. On the other hand, when it comes to the opposition, we can’t compare the results because we measure opposition parties individually or in coalitions,” Klačar adds.

(Nova, 14.01.2021)

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