More and more Serbs are spending their summer holiday in Albania

For several years now, Albania has been one of the desired holiday destinations for Serbian tourists and is becoming as popular as Greece, Turkey, Montenegro and Egypt. One of the main factors is the price of holidaying on the Albanian coast.

“As in previous seasons, people from Serbia are quite interested in summer vacations in Albania,” says Dragan Subotić, representative of the TAS initiative, in an interview with

According to him, tourists have had a limited number of vacation destinations in the last two years due to anti-Covid measures, while Albania had very different entry conditions during that period. “This is precisely why Albania emerged our market,” Subotic says, adding that people from Serbia who had already vacationed in Albania had very positive things to say about it.

You can reach the Albanian coast by bus or your own car from Serbia, and tourists mainly opt for 7 to 10 overnight stays. The most interesting regions for the summer holiday are Durres, Ksamil and Saranda, with the latter bordering Greece. As far as the prices go, Dragan Subotic, points out that they depend on the period as well as the needs and desires of tourists, as one can find accommodation ranging from the apartment to the most luxurious hotel.

“Prices range from 90 euros per day including transportation in pre- or post-season, to several hundred euros in high season, depending on the quality and level of service,” he says. He also adds that restaurant dining is much cheaper than in Belgrade and Novi Sad and that tourists are completely safe there.

(, 12.06.2022)


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