More and more schools in Serbia are banning the use of mobile phones

More and more schools in Serbia have banned the use of mobile phones during classes. The internal rules also provide for sanctions for students whose teacher finds a student using a mobile phone during class.

School principals say that, in this way, they can prevent disruption in class, reduce digital violence and improved student’s grades and overall achievement, writes Euronews.

In the last few years, an increasing number of countries have opted for a complete or partial ban on mobile phones in schools. The last to do so was the Netherlands. A major cause for concern is the growing influence of private education companies on education policy around the world. With these companies trying to sell digital education products, learning is moving more and more into the online sphere, especially in colleges.

UNESCO has been continuously appealing that the “social dimension” of education must not be neglected.

In Serbia, it is up to schools to decide

Whether students will be able to use mobile phones at school in Serbia is up to the school administration to decide. Article 83 of the Law on the Education and Training System states that “the use of a mobile phone, electronic device and other to jeopardize the rights of others or commit fraud in the evaluation process is one of the most serious violations of the student’s obligation”.

The Ministry of Education has recommended that schools regulate this issue with internal acts. The ban on the use of mobile phones during classes was first introduced by selected schools in Prokuplje, Požarevac, Vršac, Subotica and Belgrade. Schools have clearly defined in their internal rules where and when mobile phones can be used.

School principals say that they are very satisfied with the results and that the students have started to socialize and talk more with each other. Mobile phones are no longer used to record what is going on in class and upload that to social networks, which was a widespread trend among students.

(Vreme, 20.08.2023)

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