More and more foreigners coming to work in Serbia

In Serbia, more than 52,000 work permits were issued to foreigners in 2023, a nearly 70% increase over the previous year, according to the public broadcaster, RTS.

There are 30,000 more foreign workers in Belgrade alone, but all worker profiles remain missing, with a shortage of approximately 20,000 drivers and roughly the same number of workers in the hospitality industry.

The largest number of new arrivals comes from China – 10,000 workers. The second place is occupied by Russian citizens (8,000), followed by 5,500 workers from Turkey, 3,000 from India, Cuba, Nepal, Bangladesh, and finally neighbouring countries.

Last year, more than 95 percent of the permit applications were submitted by employers, while there were only 1,760 so-called personal work permits (for which requests are submitted by foreigners themselves).

In terms of gender, of the total number of permits, approximately 80 percent were for men (about 42,300), while women prevailed in the group of personal work permits (948 permits for women versus 812 for men).

Last year, most work permits were issued to citizens of Russia, China, Turkey, India and Nepal.

(Bloomberg Adria, 12.03.2024)

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