More and more foreign workers in Serbia

Due to labour shortages in some areas, more and more workers from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nepal and India are finding work in Serbia.

In the next 30 years, Serbia could lose a fifth of its workforce, according to the International Monetary Fund. Serbian economy is already suffering from the shortage of labour, so workers from Uzbekistan, India, the Philippines or Pakistan are increasingly hired on Serbian construction sites. The cost of the employer to bring them to Serbia is about 800 euros, which includes the recruitment agency fees.

Since October last year, when the shortage of the workforce became more pronounced, several thousand foreigners have been employed on construction sites, in agriculture and the hospitality industry.

The lack of workers is not only a problem in Serbia. More than 50,000 foreigners were hired in Croatia in the first six months of this year. According to the register of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) and the website, in agriculture this year in Serbia, out of 27,000 registered seasonal workers, about a thousand were foreigners.

The number of foreign workers in Serbia has been increasing year on year. According to data from the National Employment Service, more than 20,000 work permits were issued to foreigners last year. Due to labour shortages, the number is expected to be significantly higher this year.

(RTS, 15.09.2022)


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