Money intended as assistance for companies given to the Serbian Orthodox Church

The Government of Serbia has transferred from the state budget 11,792,000 dinars, originally intended for companies with the view of helping them alleviate the consequences of the pandemic-induced crisis, to the Serbian Orthodox Church, i.e. the Diocese of Bačka, for the construction of a monastery. The decision was published in the latest Official Gazette.

It is specified that, 11.7 million dinars from the current budget reserve have been transferred as a grant to the Diocese of Bačka, in order to provide financial assistance for the completion of the construction of the Monastery of the Resurrection of Christ in Kać.

This transfer of funds from the state budget is considered a grant to non-governmental organisations and the Ministry of Finance is responsible for its implementation. The same decree says that the funds came to the current budget reserve through the transfer of the part of the budget provided by the Ministry of Economy for “prevention and mitigation of the consequences caused by the pandemic – subsidies to private enterprises”.

This is not the first time in recent years that money from the state budget has been allocated to the Orthodox Church and its dioceses, and the amounts range from several million to several hundred million dinars. The last transfer from the state budget was last done in late May, when three dioceses received 290 million dinars.

(Nova, 05.07.2021)



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