Money back to drivers for recently increased insurance rates

Insurance companies in Serbia have started to reimburse drivers after car insurance rates were restored to pre-increase level on 8 August 2022.

The procedure for all companies is similar, and the insurance holders will be reimbursed most of the fee they had to pay at registration. On 30 August, the insurance company DDOR started to refund the money.

This insurance company will contact all customers – individuals who have taken out car insurance policies in the period from 08.08. to 25.08.2022. inclusive – and will reimburse the difference in premiums by means of a postal order to the residential address indicated on the insurance policy. Legal entities will be reimbursed by a transfer to the company’s account.

The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) recently sent a letter to insurance companies inviting them to return the insurance premium to their previous level.

(Kurir, 05.09.2022)

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