Mondoloni: France has three important messages for Vucic

“France will have at least three important messages to relay to the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, during his meeting with his French Emmanuel Macron. These messages related to the development of bilateral relations, France’s support to Serbia in the country’s EU bid and the renewal of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina”, said the French Ambassador to Serbia, Frédéric Mondoloni.

“President Vucic will go to Paris on 17th July. This is an important visit to us because President Vucic and Macron are well acquainted. This will be an opportunity to thoroughly cover various topics that are important for common relations”, Mondoloni told Tanjug.

According to him, there will be at least three important topics to discuss at the meeting, including bilateral relations and their expedited development in all segments, economic, political and cultural, especially this year, which marks 100 years since the end of the First World War.

“The second message will concern France’s support Serbia on the country’s bid for the EU membership. Also, the European Union needs to reform because it is in Serbia’s interest to join a functioning club”, Mondoloni added.

The third message, he went on to say, concerned a painful topic, which was Kosovo and the renewal of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

“We hope that this renewed dialogue will bring some results and progress towards normalization of relations”, said Mondoloni.

The ambassador was asked by Tanjug to elaborate on “France’s support for Serbia on the country’s bid for the EU membership” in the light of a rather controversial statement that President Macron made several months ago about the EU not being ready for further enlargement.

“Our relations are already excellent, but one can always do better.  I have to underline that our political relations are really good. You mentioned President Macron and his desire to reform Europe. That is not at all contradictory with Serbia’s future membership in the European Union. It’s just that more needs to be done in order for that to happen, namely more has to be done on reforming the EU and on having even better relations with Serbia”, Mondoloni concluded.

(Vesti-online, 15.07.2018)

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