Modernization of Belgrade-Nis railroad: Russians and Chinese interested

Transport Minister, Zorana Mihajlovic stated yesterday that the ministry has been negotiating with companies interested in modernizing a 100-km section of the Belgrade-Nis railroad, for which project documentation had already been prepared.

She added that Russia’s RZD International, which is already involved in the modernization of certain railroad sections in Serbia, is interested, as are the Chinese.

“Three segments on the Corridor 10 have already been modernized. Our current strategic interest is to modernize the railroad from Belgrade to Nis. A part of the technical documentation has already been prepared, and we should now start securing the required funds before the documentation is finished – said the minister, following a meeting with her Greek counterpart, Christos Spirtzis yesterday.

Mihajlovic reminded that the funds had been secured and that the technical documentation had been prepared for the Belgrade-Budapest railroad, as well as that the works would start on 24th November 24, when the 16+1 Summit is supposed to be held in Budapest, Tanjug reports.

The Transport Minister also stated that Serbia and Greece would work together on modernizing the railway corridor to the end of enabling a safer and quicker transport of passengers and goods from Greek ports through Serbia to central European countries.

“It is in Serbia’s strategic interest to complete the corridor and modernize road and railway transport. It is not enough to modernize only Belgrade-Budapest railway, thanks to which trains can accomplish the speeds of up to 200 km/h, but to also a similar railroad in the south, in order to boost our competitiveness” – Mihajlovic added.

(eKapija, 06.10.2017)


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