Mobile telephony: Two new virtual operators

The Globaltel Company, which is majority owned by the Pink Company, has begun to operate two days ago, offering an option of renting mobile phone numbers without the need to buy SIM cards.

Those mobile phone users who are not happy with their existing operators will be able to choose from two new ’virtual’ mobile telephony companies.

These two operators are different from the traditional telecommunication companies because they did not purchase the frequency license but are just renting out the existing mobile telephony grid. These two companies are a Serbian national company Globaltel and the British company Mundio Mobile.

The Serbian Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Minister Rasim Ljajic said that the both companies did acquire operating license from the RATEL (the Serbian telecommunications authority), so there are no legal obstacles to their operations in Serbia.

Both companies will also offer brand new services to the Serbian mobile phone users. Globaltel, which has been assigned the dialing code 0677, also offers a wide selection of TV channels, while Mundio Mobile (with the 0678 dialing code) will try to provide the lowest cost of the phone calls between the people in Serbia and the Serbian diaspora.

Both operators are renting VIP’s network. Minister Ljajic also says that the British company has completed market research and that the date of their exact launch is not pinpointed as yet.

Željko Mitrović’s Pink International Company is the majority owner of Globaltel (55%), while the lesser share belongs to the Procescom Company.

(Politika, 14.12.2016)

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