Mobile mammography machine in Vojvodina

A mobile mammography machine that is intended for women who don’t have access to major health institutions came to the village of Višnjićevo in Vojvodina today to do the mammography screening of local women.

The screening is free of charge, women don’t need a referral from the doctor or have health insurance.

The provincial government acquired the mobile mammography machine through the project “First Mammography”.

Vojvodina’s Health Secretary, Zoran Gojković said that as many as 220 women in the village of Višnjićevo and 190 women in the village of Adaševci expressed their interest in doing mammography. Adaševci is the next stop for the mobile mammography machine.

Mobile mammography will be performed in the villages that are quite remote and not close to a major health centre. By the end of the year, women in 11 municipalities of Vojvodina will have the chance to undergo mobile mammography screening.

In Serbia, every twelfth woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, which is the most common cause of premature death of women. Every year, 1,600 women die from this disease, and about 4,600 new ones are diagnosed with it.

Every tumour detected on time is curable, and the most important method in early detection of breast tumours is mammography, said the Provincial Government.

(Danas, 01.07.2019)


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