M&M, Snickers and Twix ice cream to be recalled from Serbian shops due to having too much ethylene-oxide

The Serbian Veterinary Administration has warned of the presence of ethylene oxide in the stabilizing additive E410 (also called locust bean or carob gum) in several batches of ice cream produced by Mars, namely M&M’s, Snickers and Twix.

The aforementioned products will be recalled from shops in Serbia.

The ice creams in questions are  – Snickers extra ice cream bar 66 g -single, Snickers ice cream bar 48g – 6 pack box, Twix ice cream bar 47g – single, Twix ice cream bar 34,2g – 6 pack box, Bounty ice cream bar 39,1g – 6 pack box and M&M’s peanut ice cream stick 62g – single.

The use of ethylene-oxide in food is banned in the EU, as the substance “is classified as mutagenic, carcinogenic and toxic for reproduction.

(N1, 03.08.2021)






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