MK-Fintel to open wind farm in Vrsac

The MK-Fintel Wind Company will officially open the La Piccolina Wind Farm near Vrsac on 3rd October, 2016.

La Piccolina is the first wind farm in the South Banat County, and the second wind farm built by the MK-Fintel Wind Company. The wind farm called Kosava will have the wind power capacity of 117 megawatts. The construction started in April 2016 and the investment is worth 10 million EUR.

The company was also granted a building permit for another wind farm (of 9 megawatt capacity) in Veliko Gradiste in Central Serbia. The wind farm – called RAM – will generate cleane energy for approximately 7,000 households in Serbia. The farm will be managed by an independent contractor Vetropark RAM. Fintel Energia Group SpA has a 54% share in Vetropark RAM via MK Fintel Wind, while MK Holding owns the remaining 46%.

Serbia has a great potential when it comes to renewable energy sources, especially wind and water. Still, there is a huge gap between the potential and utilization of renewable energy resources in our country. To that end, Serbia has set a goal for renewable energy sources to have at least a 27% share in the gross consumption of energy by 2020.

(eKapija, 28.09.2016)

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