Miskovic, Kostic and Draskovic to buy some of Agrokor’s companies?

The three wealthiest Serbian businessmen, Miroslav Miskovic, Miodrag Kostic and Rodoljub Draskovic are candidates for the purchase of certain companies within Agrokor, the Delo daily writes.

The Ljubljana-based newspaper also says that an ideal scenario by which a consortium of regional companies would buy the whole Agrokor, or a part of it, was discussed at a meeting of the management of the Serbian Mercator-S with Serbian suppliers, which was attended by two Serbian ministers last week. It is assumed that such a consortium would know the local market better than international investment funds.

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The statement of the vice president of Delta, Marija Desivojevic, who attended the meeting, that “we might get together again here, working together at Mercator”, has been interpreted by many as a sign of Delta’s return to the retail sector.

It is expected that representatives of the creditors, headed by Russia’s Sberbank, will try to sell their shares in Agrokor or in individual companies within Agrokor, after several years of rehabilitation.

In Serbia, Mercator-S and food companies Dijamant, Frikom, Mivela and Kikindski Mlin, may be on the list of companies to be sold.

Serbian media have been speculating for some time now that Miskovic’s Delta could take over the leading role in the rehabilitation of Agrokor’s companies in Serbia on behalf of Sberbank and VTB Bank, to which Agrokor owes a total of EUR 1 billion.

Miodrag Kostic is often mentioned as one of the potential purchasers of Serbian companies.

– It is certain that Agrokor will not remain in the form of a single company. We are supervising the settlement and the sale will be definitely realized. In the sector of processing and farming, we will be a large investor – Kostic’s MK Group said recently.

Rodoljub Draskovic, the owner of Swisslion Takovo, is mentioned as a logical choice for the purchase of one of the food companies, Dijamant or Frikom.

Ljajić: Nobody said they would buy parts of Agrokor

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic said today that, at the recent Mercator S management meeting with Serbian suppliers in Belgrade, at which he was present too, there was no mention that a Serbian company would buy some companies from Agrokor.

Asked about the reports coming from Ljubljana’s Delo that Miroslav Miskovic, Miodrag Kostic and Rodoljub Draskovic were contemplating purchasing of certain companies from Agrokor, Ljajic told Tanjug that that was not the case.

“These are just speculations. The meeting was public, journalists were present and nobody mentioned that they would buy some companies from Agrokor”, said Ljajic.

He said that the most likely scenario would be that all of these companies to continue to operate and that, if possible, our companies and entrepreneurs to join a regional consortium that would be formed and that would maybe buy Agrokor as a whole, or its parts.

The meeting of representatives of Mercator S with suppliers, and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, took place on February 14th and was also attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimovic and the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež.

(Blic, 20.02.2019)



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