Miscevic:”EU will admit new members only if put under geopolitical pressure”

Serbian EU Integration Minister Tanja Miscevic described the European Union (EU) enlargement as a geopolitical, constantly changing process, noting that there was no uniform negotiation process or accession deadline and that Serbia had done a great deal to create space for the country to pursue its membership path.

“The EU actually does not like enlargement and accepts new members only under geopolitical pressure. Big enlargement took place in 2004 in the wake of a major geopolitical change, when the world was trying to establish a new balance of powers, which is more or less the case today,” Miscevic said at the From Big Enlargement to Quick Enlargement conference.

The minister also said that there is no uniform negotiation process or uniform admission deadline, and urged the EU member states to acknowledge the considerable differences in today’s enlargement process compared to that in the past.

“One should not forget that the membership process is always a political decision of all member states, this has and always will be the case. When there is good political will or a political agreement, then the path is clean and clear and the problems are easily overcome,” said the minister.

Miscevic said the enlargement policy is constantly changing and adapting, and that the European Commission is learning from its experience.

“Today we have a new methodology, the emphasis is on resolving bilateral issues before admission, and the entire process takes too long,” said Miscevic.

She said political momentum exists, and that Serbia has done plenty in the European integration process, including reforms in the judiciary, changes to the media strategy and adoption of media laws, aligning its visa policy and cooperation with ODIHR on improving electoral processes.

“Someone needs to clarify what it is that Serbia hasn’t done,” said Minister Miscevic.

(NIN, 21.05.2024)


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