Miroglio starts production in the former Prvi Maj Pirot

The production in the facilities of former Prvi Maj, now owned by E. Mirolio, started on Monday, 15th January.

Around fifty workers are active at the moment, in line with the company’s plans and needs, but the remaining workers from the list are expected to be called soon. Around two hundred workers will be hired initially.

Franco Miroglio, son of the company’s owner, visited Pirot on the occasion and took a tour of the production lines.

Miroglio told the Plus Online portal that he was satisfied with what he had seen and added that the plan was to employ over a thousand workers.

Let us remind that the Italian company Miroglio bought the Pirot-based company AHA Mura Prvi Maj in bankruptcy for RSD 200 million at the public bidding on 27th October, 2017. The factory was previously owned by the English-Slovenian group AHA Mura, which went into bankruptcy in 2014.

Miroglio is an Italian company which specializes in the production and distribution of clothing and fabrics. The group is present in 34 countries and has around 1,200 stores.

They are registered as E. Mirolio in Serbia.

(eKapija, 16.01.2018)


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