Miodrag Zec: “Serbian political market is awash with fake ‘products’ “

Professor of economics Miodrag Zec says that another ‘virus’ threatening Serbia is more dangerous than COVID-19 and that the problem with the Serbian political market is that there are no authentic ‘product’, just fake ones.

“There is no organized political market where certain ‘products’ can be certified, there is no standardization in our market because the state is considered prey. There is no natural algorithm to get to power and leave at the end of the mandate, but once someone gets to power, you usually have to bring them down (instead of them stepping down),” Zec said in an interview for NIN weekly.

Zec added that “the four-year term of office was not devised without reason, because staying in power for too long is dangerous”.

“It is also equally dangerous not to have an opposition that can use democratic channels because if you don’t have an opposition it’s like a part of your body is missing. Here, the opposition is understood as a disruptive factor that must be crushed and destroyed,” the professor added.

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Speaking of the fight against the coronavirus, the professor said that state services cannot be established only when you need them.

“It’s too late to train a firefighter when something is already burning. Primary services must always be alert, and they are more profitable when you don’t use them. Still, they have to be in place regardless of the fact that they cost money and that you cannot make a profit from them,” Miodrag Zec warned.

In his opinion, if people leave the country en masse, boasting about the biggest growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) in Serbia is in vain.

“The negative birthrate combined with excessive emigration is alarming. If everything is going well, why are people so keen to earn money in the West,” asks Zec, who has also criticized the government’s decision to give every adult citizen the sum of 100 euro.

“Instead of giving 100 euro to everyone, I would use that money to return what was stolen from pensioners. I would make sure that a person’s assets are safe and that contracts and acquired rights are respected. I would water the tree of stability,” said Zec, who said that the 2008 crisis was solved by printing money, while now real experts are needed in order to overcome the current crisis.

These, he said, “unfortunately, do not exist, because knowledge is not appreciated here and experts cannot be hired as party members,” Professor Zec concluded.

(Naslovi.net, 27.05.2020)


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