Miodrag Kostic wants to buy a part of Agrokor

For the first time ever, the Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostic has publicly expressed his interest in acquiring a part of the troubled Croatian company, Agrokor.

He did not go into details which companies that operate under the Croatian conglomerate would he like to purchase, but has announced that his company, MK Group is planning to make considerable investments in agricultural processing.

For a long time, the media have been speculated that Kostic is interested in acquiring Zrenjanin-based cooking oil producer, Dijamant and Belgrade’s food producer, Frikom. These speculations are tied to the fact that Kostic’s company, MK Group is one of the biggest individual creditors of Agrokor. So, Kostic could well opt for transforming his claims into assets.

“Certain parts of the concern are definitely going to be sold, and we will certainly be interested in the agricultural processing segment, since we are already a big investor in this sector”, Kostic said.

Kostic’s business empire encompasses agriculture, commerce and tourism, with revenues of over a billion euros. Recently, he bought the tourist complex Rezidencija Skiper near Umag in Croatia. Kostic has also announced that he would make further investments in Croatian tourism, adding that he believes that better political relations would lead to an increase the number of tourists on the Croatian coast.

(Vecernje Novosti, 13.02.2018)


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