Miodrag Kostic: “I want to buy a part of Agrokor”

MK Group is interested in acquiring some of Agrokor’s companies which business is relevant to the core activities of the Group, mainly those in agriculture and agricultural processing – MK Group’s owner and president, Miodrag Kostic said.

“Our steps towards the purchase will depend on what is being offered and the developments with the sale of parts of Agrokor. We do not want to buy Agrokor as a whole, but only those parts that will contribute to bolstering the competitiveness of our company in the European and regional markets,” Kostic told Politika.

He added the right price would be an important factor in the Group’s decision to purchase.

Kostic also said that his interest in acquiring PKB had lessened. “MK Group has over 30,000 hectares of land and we are trying to increase yield from the land we have. As for new investments, we would prefer to make them in the Slovenian banking sector in Slovenia or the hospitality industry in Montenegro and the region, rather than acquire PKB,” he underlined.

Speaking about his business in the region, he said that MK Group was present in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, and that the company planned to expand its existing business in those countries.

“Agriculture is still area of interest with a special focus on agricultural processing capacities. We are also quite interested in banking and tourism. The latter one has been booming considering that more tourists now prefer to vacation on the Adriatic coast than in North Africa or Turkey”, Kostic said.

(B92, 07.03.2018)


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