Ministry of Education contemplating banning mobile phones from schools

Minister of Education Branko Ružić has said that he expects that, by December 20, the working group against school violence will have come up with proposals for new anti-bullying measures. Also, one of the measures entails banning students from using mobile phones in schools.

As for school bullying, of which both students and teachers can be victims, Ružić says that the number of filed reports of violence against teachers has never been so low – six percent last year and two percent this year. However, he adds, this does not mean that the number is much higher since some cases are unreported.

He also invited parents to pay more attention to how they are bringing their children up since the family instils a value system into a child.

Ružić also added that some trade unions insist that teachers should receive the status of an official while some claim that that would not solve the problem.

(Blic, 01.12.2022)

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