Ministry of Economy in charge of issuing permissions for night work

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) announced that it does not issue licenses to companies which employees work in night shifts, i.e. after 8 pm when the official curfew in the country starts.

The Chamber invites companies to send the completed form, i.e. a table with the data about employees who work night shifts, to the email address of the Ministry of Economy: [email protected] .

“The Chamber has asked companies to collect information on production and service requirements at the time of the curfew, but asks businesses which have already sent information to follow the required procedure,” said the Chamber’s press release.

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The Chamber also states that it will be at the service to companies for any further information and assistance in order to ensure, in the new circumstances, the continuation of work in night shifts, and remains in constant communication with the relevant authorities in order to implement government measures as effectively as possible.

(Dnevnik, 19.03.2020)


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