Ministry of Agriculture’s 15,000 EUR grants for young entrepreneurs

Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimović has announced that three important projects for Serbia that will help young farmers with launching their own business and women in agriculture and the food industry have been proposed to the American development agency DFC.

The projects entail a guarantee scheme for credit support to Serbian farmers, that ensures collateral for loans, Nedimović specified.

“Together with the DFC, we will provide guarantees for 60% of loan collateral if a young entrepreneur wants to buy a car, land, start a business in agriculture or the food industry,” says Nedimović, explaining that this project will be implemented together with three commercial banks.

The Ministry has also requested grants for young farmers of around € 15,000.

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“We are already working on this project by allocating resources from the national budget, but we would like to do it with the DFC. These are grants of 15,000 euro, which don’t have to be paid back if a beneficiary is under the age of 40 and is using the grant for the start of an agricultural business, ”says Minister Nedimović.

These subsidies refer in particular, he says, to livestock farming, fruit growing and vegetables, “as the three fundamental branches of agriculture that will prevent people from migrating to cities and ensure their stay in rural areas”.

(eKapija, 11.10.2020)

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