Ministry gives funds to obscure organizations

Following a competition, the Serbian Ministry of Family Care and Demographics has allocated funds to 9 previously dormant organizations and associations which suddenly became operational again a short time before the competition was launched. The money is supposed to go toward projects aimed at improving the social position of women and preventing domestic violence.

Interestingly, when these organizations became operational again they immediately moved their headquarters to Belgrade, changed their legal representatives and field of activity to suit the competition’s terms and conditions – i.e. they changed their articles of association to include issues related to women’s safety and prevention of domestic violence while, before, their core activities were protection of the rights of the Roma people and people with disabilities, as well as promotion of sports and culture.

The line Ministry says that anyone can apply for the projects but that the criteria are strict. “The criteria are strict and clearly defined, and there is no way that the organizations which do not possess the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience in these areas can access the funds allocated for this purpose,” the Ministry adds.

However, none of the organizations that received millions from the Ministry of Family Care competition has an official website, nor can anyone find information about the projects they had implemented that relate to the competition’s objectives.

As many as 4 organizations that were formed immediately prior to the competition’s public call and amended their legal documents to suit the competition’s terms and conditions are registered at the same address in Belgrade – Terazije 23/207.

However, this address belongs to the building where the Serbian Chamber of Commerce is also located. The Ministry of Family Care and Demographics has allocated more than 630,000 euros to these organizations following the competition.

In contrast, much less money, about 150,000 euros, has been allocated to associations that are transparent, have an official website and have been dealing with the advancement of women’s position in society for years.

(Insajder, 11.05.2022)


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