Minister Mali claims to have only one apartment in Bulgaria

The Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, told the Serbian parliament that he has only one apartment in Bulgaria and that he spends summers there with his children, and those who claim that he has 24 are only telling lies: “Don’t compare me to Gojko Djilas and Dragan Djilas. If there is something that is not in accordance with the law, please notify the relevant authorities,” he said.

He repeated several times that he was not Dragan Djilas, who allegedly has tens of millions of euros in offshore accounts, nor Dragan’s brother Gojko Djilas, who he said has 35 flats in Belgrade. “The real problem is that they cannot find Aleksandar Vučić’s accounts, which are not there, because they lie about everything,” the minister said.

Mali went on to say that the real reason for this news is to divert attention from Dragan and Gojko Đilas and has repeatedly warned journalists not to lie as they have no proof while he confidently waits for the relevant authorities to investigate the matter.

Yesterday, the Minister of Finance presented a series of financial laws in the parliament.

(Politika, 05.10.2021)

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