Minimum wage increased to 30,022 as of next year

The minimum wage in Serbia will be increased by 11.1% next year, that is, from RSD 155.3 to RSD 172.5 per hour, Serbian Finance Minister announced today.

“The Government of Serbia has proposed for the minimum wage to increase by 11.1% from RSD 155.3 to RSD 172.5 per hour, that is, from RSD 27,022 to RSD 30,022 monthly”, Minister Mali said at the press conference held at the Government of Serbia.

The Minister also said that that the increase in the minimum wage would be the biggest so far, and that employers would also benefit since the non-taxable portion of salaries will be increased from 15,300 dinars to 16,300, while pension contributions will be reduced by half a per cent.

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The president of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Nebojsa Atanackovic, said that the increase in the minimum wage was the best that the Serbian government could do to support for trade union demands and that employers are also satisfied with the decision because they will benefit from the increase too.

“The minimum wage has increased by 29.7% in the last three years and slightly lower than the average wage, but to continue to grow Serbia needs “Chinese” results; an economic growth of at least 5% to catch up to other nations in Europe because, in terms of economic performance, Serbia closer to African countries than to European ones,” concluded Atanackovic.

The trade unions had asked for the increase to amount to around 24.5%, whereas the Serbian Association of Employers considered an increase of 6-10% to be realistic.

Around 350,000 workers in Serbia are paid minimum wage.

(Danas, 10.09.2019)


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