Minimum hourly wage: 130 Dinars from January 2017

The minimum hourly wage in Serbia will equal RSD 130 starting with January 1, 2017, it was announced on Saturday, August 10, following the session of the Social and Economic Council.

– This means a significant increase of RSD 1,586, and the minimum monthly wage will be RSD 22,620 – said Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin.

He said that the economy in Serbia had improved, so that the Government had decided that there was room for increasing the minimum wage.

– This government’s policy is to share what we’ve earned and that citizens should benefit from all improvements – Vulin pointed out.

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic previously said that the Government was ready to increase the minimum wage.

The unions estimate that around 300,000-350,000 workers in Serbia earn minimum wage.

Last September, the government reached the decision to keep the minimum hourly wage at RSD 121 in 2016 too. The amount had not changed for two years.

The unions then requested an increase to RSD 143.5, while representatives of employers and the Government of Serbia were against it.

The previous raise happened in September 2014, when it was decided that the minimum wage in 2015 should be RSD 121.

The one before that was defined in 2012 and equaled RSD 115.

(eKapija, 11.09.2016)

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