Minić: Serbian government has no credibility both here and abroad

The President of the European Movement in Serbia, Jelica Minić, assessed that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, announced snap parliamentary elections for 2022 because the Serbian government does not have credibility both in the country and abroad.

In a written statement for Beta news agency, Minić stated that the previous elections were held in “extremely irregular” conditions and less than half of the registered voters participated in them, which renders the current government, despite getting 70% of votes, unrepresentative.

“Civil disobedience is growing in Serbia in response to this unnatural constellation, and there is growing criticism from abroad, even from some members of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament, who have been steadfast in supporting the SNS in previous years,” she said.

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Minić added that the current government will bear “full and exclusive” responsibility for everything that happens in the country and for all voluntary or forced foreign policy decisions.

“Some of the most difficult political and state decisions will be made until the spring of 2022. This government will be blamed for everything, which President Vučić already bitterly admitted when the European Commission’s Report on Serbia’s Progress (rather stagnation and setback) in the process of European integration was published two weeks ago,” said the president of the European Movement.

She also underlined that, at the same time, the gauntlet was thrown down to the opposition.

“The opposition has been told that they have a year and a half to organize and offer something to the voters, to fight for better election conditions and not to spend all their energy throwing mud at the government and quarrelling among themselves,” said Minić.

(Danas, 21.10.2020)


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