Minić: ‘New family law will ban corporal punishment of children’

“The new Law on the Family and Children’s Rights will introduce a total ban on corporal punishment of children,” said Milka Milovanović Minić, state secretary at the Ministry of Family and Demography.

During her work visit to Kraljevo, Minić explained that “instead of immediately thinking about penalizing parents (for applying corporal punishment on their children), we should actively work with them and help them in raising their children”.

In the conversation with the mayor of Kraljevo, Predrag Terzić, she said that a successful prenatal policy requires joint work of the various ministries, local administrations, legislative authorities, but also the media, which should present legal solutions aimed at harmonising work and parenthood.

Minić also said that the line ministry would incorporate all the examples of good practice made by local administrations into a single document that would be submitted to the Serbian government, and the Law on Financial Support for Families will be improved with the aim of bettering the position of mothers of children with disabilities.

(Blic, 20.05.2021)


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