Milutinovic (Nordeus): Serbia has to focus on digital transformation

“In only few years, Serbia could boost its software export from $800 million to $2 billion”, says Branko Milutinovic, CEO of Nordeus.

“The main prerequisite for this is for the country to focus on digital transformation, and start educating a much bigger number of IT experts”, Milutinovic says for Tanjug.

He also says that Serbia’s great advantage lies in the fact that we, as a nation, are naturally inclined towards science, and that our most talented pupils and students are attracted to technology.

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“This is what I base my optimism on because what will happen with digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution is that engineers and scientists will create a huge chunk of economic value”, he adds.

He thinks that the re-training programmes for IT staff, launched by the Serbian government, are a good thing, but they don’t solve the issue, just treat the symptoms of it.

“We also need to act preventively, and think about the direction in which the rest of the world is going while making moves today that will hugely benefit us in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time”, Milutinovic advises.

He reminds that, in 15 years, most of today’s professions will disappear while several new ones will emerge. “If our children, or the people who are work capable today, are not ready for these new professions, they won’t have anything to do”, Milutinovic warns.

He is also alarmed by the fact that only 2,000 students in Serbia graduate IT or a similar discipline, while the real need for IT experts is in the region of 30,000.

Another problem is that out of these 2,000 IT graduates, there are probably none who are capable of innovating and creating products that would dominate globally since they are not given an opportunity to learn about business and creating a product. Still, Milutinovic says, things are slowly, but surely moving in the right direction since there have been several excellent software endeavours launched in Belgrade and Novi Sad recently.

To remind, Milutinovic and his team at Nordeus have created “Top Eleven”, one of the top-10 grossing game apps in seven countries, with a particularly strong audience in Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Last year, Nordeus generated more than $75 million in revenue.

(Nova Ekonomija, 22.10.2017)

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