Milovancevic: ‘Based on Vucic’s statements, it would appear that he is withdrawing from politics’.

Vojislav Milovančević, the journalist for the and the Nova newspaper, said that he does not believe in Aleksandar Vučić’s announcements and his resignation from the leadership of the Serbian Progressive Party.

If that were to happen, he thinks that Aleksandar Šapić would have the best chance of being the new party leader. He estimates that the ruling party’s rating is falling and that the opposition has a chance of winning the elections, especially in Belgrade. He is also of the opinion that the possible appearance of Dr Branimir Nestorović in the elections would damage the SNS party.

According to the public opinion survey conducted by Faktor Plus, the SNS party can count on 2.2 million votes, which it did not get in the last elections in which most of the opposition did not participate. Milovančević estimates that there is a “serious possibility” of a change of government in Belgrade, and that the success of the opposition in the parliamentary and presidential elections depends on the pre-election campaign and their presidential candidate.

The opposition currently has candidates who could be viable and who will be chosen via public opinion polls, based on which it will be decided who Vučić’s opponent will be. “I know they are working on it, and it is certain that we will find out who their candidate will be after the holidays,” he announced and reminded that Vučić will consider later whether or not to run for president again.

What Vučić will definitely not run for, at least judging by the statements he has made lately, is for the position of the SNS president. “If we interpret his statements, we can conclude that he is withdrawing from politics. He is withdrawing from the party leadership, he will not run for president… Well, what is he going to do? We have heard such announcements several times that he will step down from the leadership of the SNS, and so far it has never happened.

If that did happen, Aleksandar Šapić is definitely the first choice for that position,” Milovančević said and reminded that Šapić (who currently the president of Novi Beograd municipality) has recently visited SNS branches across the country and is no longer mentioned as a potential candidate for mayor.

(Nova, 26.12.2021)

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