Million people to be employed in small enterprises

In ten years’ time, Serbia should have around 500,000 small and medium enterprises that would employ close to a million people.

This is the aim of the Ministry of Economy’s project titled “The Decade of Entrepreneurship”. Also, the project stipulates, that every tenth SME should be engaged in export too. In order for this goal to materialize, there should be 16,000 more newly founded enterprises than those that are liquidated every year.

Currently, Serbia has 340,000 small and medium enterprises which employ close to 840,000 people which is 65.7% of the total number of workers in the country.

“For years, the number of companies did not move from 320,000, i.e. around 100,000 business entities and 220,000 small businesses. They are founded and liquidated at the same speed. Now, this number has grown to 360,000 and I do hope that the trend continues”, says Zvonko Obradovic, the Director of the Serbian Business Registers Agency.

SMEs are the foundation of any country’s economy. Of course, large companies are important too, but small businesses are the backbone of the economy and the most responsible taxpayers.

From the employers’ viewpoint, the aforementioned figure of 500,000 enterprises does not look so unattainable.

“We can reach this number. However, the development of certain economic branches, which affects the number of companies in those branches, does depend on the living standard. The key prerequisite for the service industry (bars, hairdressing salons, restaurants) to develop is for consumers to have enough money. I am not sure how successful are Serbian companies going to be in export. Global competition is very fierce, and it is quite difficult to become competitive, and position yourself on foreign markets”, Nebojsa Atanackovic, the former Director of the Employers’ Union, says.

(Vecernje Novosti, 09.01.2018)

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