Milka Vojvodić becomes Delta Holding’s CEO

As of 1st June, Miroslav Mišković, outgoing president of Delta Holding, will take on a new role in Delta Holding, that of the Chairman of the Managing Board.

In his new role, Mr Mišković plans to leave operational management of the company to Milka Vojvodić, the current vice president of Delta, and direct his extensive knowledge and experience towards three areas he considers crucial for Delta Holding’s development and development of the society as a whole.

He will devote his efforts to the international expansion of Delta Holding, work with young people in the Company, i.e. shaping of future management, and development of villages in Serbia, particularly through the company project “Our Village”.

Delta Holding’s operations will be overseen by the Executive Board, which will be chaired by new CEO Milka Vojvodić, long-time Senior Vice President of Finance and Economy. Executive Board will consist of the company’s vice presidents and CEOs of Delta Holding member companies.

Milka Vojvodić graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. She has been with the Company since its establishment in 1991. She held the positions of Chief Financial Officer, Delta M CEO, Assistant to Delta M Group CEO for economic relations, and has served as Delta Holding’s Senior Vice President of Finance and Economy for many years. She is married and has one child.

(Nova, 19.05.2021)


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