Milivojevic: ‘The results of Ipsos’ survey are probably correct, even though it was done on people close to the SNS’

Political scientist Cvijetin Milivojevic said that he considers the results of the public opinion poll, conducted by the Ipsos agency, to be correct, according to which the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would win the elections if there were to take place today with 59.8% of the votes, but he also pointed out that the research was most likely conducted on the target group close to the same party.

“I am curious to know whether agencies that do targeted research only for the SNS party, investigate other potential target groups, i.e. over 50% of people who did not vote at the last election. And why would such a credible agency allow the media to highlight only parts of their research and not to properly inform the public, but rather to create a public opinion that is close to the Progressives?!” Milivojevic told Danas daily.

According to him, this “jeopardizes the reputation of the agency because working solely for their client (the SNS party), they are labelled the party’s agency and that is not good. Back in the day, Ipsos was trustworthy,” Milivojevic adds.

To remind, the Ipsos public opinion poll showed that if the elections were held today, the SNS would get 59.8% of the votes, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) 8.5%, the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) 4.2%, and the POKS 3.2%.

(Novi Magazin, 29.08.2021)

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