Miletic: ‘It would be good for citizens to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum’

Political analyst Dejan Miletic called on Serbian citizens to participate in the referendum on Sunday, 16 January, stressing that it would be “good for citizens vote ‘yes'”, i.e. support the changes to the Constitution regarding the election of judges.

“The changes sound pompous, but they are not revolutionary and should not create a wave of dissatisfaction among citizens,” Miletic explained, adding that there is no reason for resistance against the referendum.

“The only objection is that the referendum will be held before the elections. I thought that there should be no overlap, because society is becoming polarised. Both are important. I only fear that politics will be involved in the referendum, i.e. that people will measure their strength against the governing coalition by not voting in the referendum,” he said, adding that the situation is “clean” and that the government is looking at the interests of the state, not the governing party.

He explained that it is good that respectable lawyers should be electing judges, not the parliament, as envisaged by the Constitution’s amendments.

The citizens of Serbia will vote on 16 January in a referendum on the law amending the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia. The Parliamentary Commission for Constitutional Issues and Legislation has decided that the question at the referendum will be the following – “Are you in favour of confirming the act amending the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia?” The answers offered will be “Yes” and “No”.

The referendum will be held in line with the new Law on Referendum and Popular Initiative, so 50% of the registered voters will not be required for the referendum to be declared valid.

(B92, 11.01.2022)



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