Milan St. Protić:”Forget about institutions – tell people that there is no freedom, justice, honesty”

“Elections are a smoke screen in this country. The winner is known in advance and the Serbian government is not changed in elections. In terms of the opposition, both those who participated in the election and those who did not, they were unconvincing. The new normal is actually the new abnormality”, historian Milan St. Protić said, commenting on the results of the June 2nd local elections.

As he pointed out, these elections will not affect “our future, because decisions are made in some other place, not in the elections”.

“Everything will get worse, in the media and the regime will continue to brainwash citizens in order for people to continue to worship them. To clarify, I am not talking about a single party like SNS. It is a regime that formed a system and that system derives its strength from the power at its disposal. Everything is done by force – the election conditions, the December elections, the election campaign… The Serbian president is a bully, and the regime’s representative is a bully. Violence has become normal. If they want to convict an innocent person, they will convict them and if they want to acquit the guilty, they will acquit them. If someone breaks the law, they will change it”, said historian Milan St. Protić.

He added that it is very difficult to fight against a regime that uses force and is a bully.

“Fighting against this is very difficult and possible only if you are ready to sacrifice yourself, to suffer. You have to try to create a big movement that will include intellectuals, trade unions, professional associations and opposition parties. I don’t know if it is possible to create such a thing but it is the only way. This is the only way to get rid of this regime. It started well when the opposition united. Then there were protests by various trade unions, including ProGlas, which could have played a more important role in creating a wider front and opposing the regime together. But that did not happen. It was a self-delusion”, said Protić.

St. Protić goes on to say that the opposition should review their own mistakes and omissions, be honest with people honestly and go back to the beginning, if possible.

“The opposition should unite and show that it understood its mistake. They need to reactivate ProGlas and connect together with trade unions. Movements such as Dr Milić’s from Niš, as well as Savo Manojlović’s Movement, are not defined as parties, and that is why they received a large number of votes because voters see them as leaders. Savo Manojlović got a lot of votes because the voters still remember when he protested on the Gazela Bridge”, St. Protić said and added:

“Although it is difficult to overthrow such a regime, it is very important that in Serbia there is still potential for the overthrow”.

“The elections showed that a million people in Serbia voted against this regime, that’s an army of a million people. These are not passive bystanders. They have the strength to try what I am talking about. That’s what we did in the 1990s and only when we wised up, when we created the broadest front against Milosevic and ignored all political interests, then we overthrew him,” Milan St. Protić concluded.

(Danas, 03.05.2024)

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