Mihajlovic:”Nikola Tesla Airport to fully re-open on May 18″

Yesterday, the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, visited the modernization and expansion works on Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade together with the Director General of Vinci, Francois Berisot, and announced that the first flights will resume on May 18.

The Minister underlined that that was “the beginning of a new era for Belgrade airport” and that the French concessionaire, Vinci has been implementing the agreed projects worth 700 million euro, to be realized over the next 25 years.

“The value of this project, as well as the construction of a new control tower, is about 60 million euro. It is important to say that this construction site worked continuously during the state of emergency, which is of great importance for our economic development and the days to come,” said the Minister.

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As announced, from May 18, the national airline Air Serbia will start flying again to several destinations: London, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich.

“Much also depends on the exit and entry decisions of other nations and health directives. But we hope that after May 18 there will be even more regular flights,” said Mihajlović.

She also expressed satisfaction that none of the employees at the airports in Belgrade and Nis were infected with the virus, which shows that the respective administrations have taken care of their employees and complied with the measures.

Director-General of Nikola Tesla Airport, Francois Berisot, said that with the completion of the investments the airport’s capacity would double, as 11 new gates will be built.

“The modernisation and expansion of Nikola Tesla Airport have continued without major interruptions since the beginning of the year and during the state of emergency, respecting all the recommendations and security measures ordered by the authorities. Important work is currently underway in several areas, including the extension of Corridor C which will increase the airport’s capacity and make it more comfortable and functional for passengers and airlines”, said Berisot.

He added that work is underway to extend the platform in order to allow more aircraft to be parked at the same time.

“The estimated value of these works is almost five billion dinars. We want to offer an even better experience to our passengers and partners in the coming period, as well as significantly improve the level of service and passenger satisfaction at the airport,” concluded Berisot.

(Danas, 10.05.2020)


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