Mihajlović: “It is not normal that CEO of Srbijagas has a salary of 2.4 million dinars”

“I think it is not normal that CEO of Srbijagas has a monthly salary of 2.4 million dinars. For comparison, the employees of the Resavica Company have an average monthly salary of about 65,000 dinars and they will need 38 years on average (a whole career) to earn what CEO of Srbijagas earns in one month. We will change things very soon and this will no longer be the case,” said Deputy PM and Minister of Energy, Zorana Mihajlović.

Zorana Mihajlović said that the reform in Srbijagas has already started and that the company’s management will be changed, in line with the reform plan adopted by the government.

Asked by journalists during her visit to Resavica to comment on newspaper reports that the announced reforms in the gas sector will only be ‘cosmetic”, Mihajlović reminded that the Government of Serbia adopted the reorganization plan for Srbijagas which will be implemented soon.

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“The reform in Srbijagas has been initiated and has deadlines when and what should be done. Srbijagas’ management is in charge of implementing this reform and if they don’t do so, they will be replaced”, Minister Mihajlović was adamant.

(Nova, 14.12.2020)


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