Mihajlovic: “I will propose for a public registry of sex offenders to be formed in Serbia”

Serbian Deputy PM and Chairwoman of the Coordinating Body for Gender Equality, Zorana Mihajlovic, said she will propose the formation of a public registry of sex offenders in Serbia.

“We have a registry of paedophiles that was formed a couple of years ago. There have been problems on how to compile the data for it and with what consistency, but this registry is closed to the public. The coordinating body will propose that the registry be expanded (to include other sex offenders),” Mihajlovic said.

Mihajlovic also said that everything in our power should be done to reduce sex-related violence and that the state should “encourage everyone to report violence and abuse”.

She added that the Coordinating Body for Gender Equality has immediately condemned the case of rape and abuse of several girls by the famous acting coach, Miroslav Aleksić.

“I would like to thank the girls and women who found the strength and reported the violence. I would also like to thank the police and the prosecution, who showed that they are well-trained and know how to do their job properly, as well as thank all the media outlets which reacted according to journalistic codes,” Mihajlovic said.

On January 18, the Belgrade High Court ordered the arrest of the acting coach Miroslav Aleksić, suspected of rape and inappropriate sexual behaviour, and his detention for up to 30 days.

Earlier, the Belgrade Prosecutor Office announced that Aleksić had been charged with eight cases of rape and seven cases of inappropriate sexual behaviour in the period from 2008 to 2020, involving six victims, one of whom was a minor. As it was announced, the suspect pleaded that he was innocent during the interrogation.

Actress Milena Radulović, along with several other girls, reported the owner of the Belgrade acting school, Miroslav Aleksić, to the police for sexual harassment on January 16.

(Radio Free Europe, 19.01.2021)




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