Mihajlovic: Even better ranking on Doing Business list in 2018

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic says that, in 2018, Serbia is expected to move up in rankings on the WB’s Doing Business list, which will translate into better conditions for doing business and new investments.

“We have made a lot of progress so far with abolishing the use of company stamps and expediting the procedures relating to opening bank accounts for new businesses. We are also continuing with the reform of the land registry, and increasing the efficiency of the electric grid connection procedures”, Mihajlovic said.

She added that the government’s plans for 2018 also included expediting the VAT return, introducing an electronic system for filing property tax documents, making loans more obtainable and better enforcement of contracts, all with the view of improving the country’s ranking on the Doing Business list.

Mihajlovic reminded that Serbia had achieved great success in terms of issuance of building permits, and that, in only three years’ time, it had jumped from the 186th place on the list to 10th in this segment.

“Another priority for next year is modernizing our railroads, especially the two very important railway routes – the railway segment of the Corridor 10, and the Belgrade-Bar railroad”, the Minister added.

(N1, 27.12.2017)


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