Mental Health Festival starts on 10th October

The 7th Mental Health Festival begins on 10th October on World Mental Health Day, and includes a series of activities at multiple venues in Novi Sad, Subotica, as well as online.

The slogan of this year’s festival is ‘Culture and Mental Health’. With this event, The Vojvodina Public Health Institute and partner organizations want to raise awareness of the link between culture, mental health, people’s well-being and the community in which we live. Workshops, interactive lectures, panels and round tables, prize competitions, film screenings with discussion, exhibitions, interactive performances and pub quizzes are announced.

During the campaign, questions will be raised about how different aspects of culture can influence mental health, what is the culture of caring for mental health in our community and society, to what extent does the culture of caring depend on economic systems and social processes, how do we create and use different resources in the community and how do we deal with the treatment of mental health problems.

A special aspect of the campaign will be devoted to the way culture (art, literature, communication) is expressed as an important community resource for the protection and improvement of mental health.

Events during the festival are intended to educate, but also to encourage all members to take actions that can contribute to the creation of resources in the community and society, which can contribute to the protection and improvement of mental health and well-being. The Mental Health Festival runs until 20 October.

(, 04.10.2022)

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