Members of University of Novi Sad’ Council replaced; son of politician Istvan Pasztor one of new members

The Assembly of Vojvodina has urgently replaced the members of the Council of the University of Novi Sad (UNS), as well as council members at most faculties. These are people who can significantly influence the election of the new rector of UNS, but also the deans of the individual faculties.

Balint Pasztor, the son of the speaker of Vojvodina’s parliament, was appointed one of the new members of the UNS Council

The Assembly of Vojvodina has decided that the members of the Council of the University of Novi Sad, appointed by the Vojvodinian government, who play a decisive role in the election of the rector, will change. The UNS rector, upon the proposal of the Senate, will be elected by the new Council.

The following university council members were relieved of their duties before the official expiry of their term – Dragan Tešanović, Tihomir Vejnović, Veselin Bojat, Miodrag Drapšin, Miljko Satarić, Vladimir Čolović, Slavko Obadović and Atila Dudaš.

The Novi Sad University Council will include several earlier members and some new ones:

Vladimir Čolović, a doctor of law from Belgrade,

Miljko Satarić, professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences,

Sanda Nastić, PhD in Management and Business from Novi Sad,

Gordana Radović, PhD in Economics and Agroeconomics from Novi Sad,

Tihomir Vejnović, professor at the University of Novi Sad,

Velibor Premčevski, chief engineer of information technology from Crvenka,

Dejan Zelenović, chief engineer of electrical and computer engineering from Novi Sad,

Veselin Bojat, orthopaedic surgeon from Novi Sad.

Balint Pastor, a doctor of legal sciences and the son of the speaker of the Vojvodina Assembly, Istvan Pasztor, has also been appointed a new board member.

Board members have also been changed at the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Technical, Technological, Agricultural and Economic Sciences, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Education, the Mihajlo Pupin Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin, Academy of Arts, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica and Faculty of Philosophy and Pedagogy in Sombor.

(, 22.04.2021)

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