Meloni, Scholz, Macron and US State Department sent letter to Kurti asking for de-escalation of tension

The Italian PM, the German Chancellor and the French President, Giorgia Meloni, Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron, respectively, have sent a letter asking Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti to de-escalate tensions in the north of Kosovo.

The letter is similar to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell’s response to Kurti which was published yesterday but without detailed demands.

The Government of Kosovo has not made an official statement so far about the received letter, or its content.

Meanwhile, Borrell’s letter contained specific requests for Kurti, asking him to withdraw the two mayors in the north from municipal offices, to withdraw the police from the presence in front of the municipalities and to schedule early elections.

In its letter, the US State Department expressed its expectations that Pristina and Belgrade should take immediate steps to de-escalate tensions and follow the three-point plan presented by the European Union, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said.

According to him, as part of this, Pristina must ensure that Albanian mayors perform their transitional duties from alternative locations, as well as withdraw police forces from the north.

The State Department also expects the “unconditional release of the three Kosovo policemen arrested by Serbia”.

“We believe that both Kosovo and Serbia must follow the three-point plan presented by the EU,” said Miller.

The State Department reiterated its condemnation of “violence against KFOR troops, led by NATO, against law enforcement agencies and journalists.”

(Politika, 16.05.2023)

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