Megatrend University is no longer for sale

Mica Jovanovic, the owner of the Megatrend University, says he has given up the sale of the university because the new owner Dejan Djordjevic had not fulfilled any obligation under the contract, and the same will be terminated.

“I will speak with the lawyers to terminate the contract. I admit I was naive. The university has suffered serious moral damage. In the next period I will try to stabilize it financially,” said Jovanovic, adding that the sale was not fictitious but real.

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Jovanovic points out that Djordjevic has not fulfilled any obligation under the contract and that the contract will be terminated, reports the Prva TV.

“We have not seen any money, neither I nor the employees,” said Jovanovic.

“Mr. Djordjevic did not register as the owner of the building in the land registry and as the owner of the University in the commercial court. I will see him today. If he does not want to withdraw from the agreement by mutual agreement, we will do so unilaterally,” he said.

According to the Tanjug news agency, the university has been contacted by people who have rented residential and commercial space to Dejan Djordjevic, the buyer of Megatrend. According to them, Djordjevic owes them of several hundred or thousand euro.

(Politika, 05.12.2019)



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