Medjak: “Vučić cannot be brought down by the right”

Member of the European Movement in Serbia’s Managing Board, Vladimir Medjak, said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić “cannot be overthrown by the right” because there is no bigger right-winger than him and that he would not be surprised if the electoral threshold was increased to five percent.

Medjak told the new issue of NIN weekly that there is also talk of reinstating the electoral threshold to five percent, and added that Vučić lowered it to three percent “in order to make it possible for right-wingers to enter the parliament.”

He added that “SNS normally covers the entire right-wing”, and that “if there is no politician more extreme than him, then there is no danger or excuse for not doing something”.

“He (Vučić) doesn’t need the right parties anymore, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the (election) threshold is raised to five percent,” Medjak said.

He mentioned that it is highly likely that everyone who criticized him because of the way he conducted the dialogue with Kosovo in the previous ten years will be declared extremists.

“I don’t think that Vučić will fall because of Kosovo. Neither did (former Serbian President Slobodan) Milošević, and he surrendered Kosovo after losing the war. He also gave away Krajina, which resulted in 220,000 people being thrown out of it, but he still didn’t lose the elections,” Medjak warns.

(Beta,, 06.04.2023)

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