Media: Negotiations under way to unite democratic bloc under Democratic Party

The Belgrade press reports that the negotiations on the unification of democratic bloc under the Democratic Party’s wing, including the parties that originated from the Democratic Party, are underway.

The negotiations between the President of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac with leaders of the Socijaldemokratska Stranka (Social-Democratic Party), Zajedno za Srbiju (Together for Serbia) and Nova Stranka (New Party), Boris Tadic, Dusan Petrovic and Zoran Zivkovic respectively, are ongoing.

The Blic daily reports that that, at the moment, there are no details about the organization and division of responsibilities within the bloc, but it is certain that the block would assemble around the European integration as a common platform.

The daily goes on to say that once the democratic parties reach an agreement, another meeting will be held to discuss leadership.

Boris Tadic confirmed for the Politika daily that the negotiations were underway and reminded that before the parliamentary elections in 2016, he had talks with then-President of the Democratic Party, Bojan Pajtic on the formation of a joint list and reunification of the parties.

“I discussed this topic with Sutanovac too, and before the Belgrade elections, I proposed for the Democratic Party to be reinstated. I also invited all of its former leaders to gather around the party that we all had belonged to and form a new, better Democratic Party. I continued these talks with the new leadership after Lutovac was elected the party’s president, and talks are underway about a possible modality of achieving that goal,” Tadic said.

According to him, in order to stand against the SNS, the pro-European opposition needs to unite and form a strong party infrastructure.

(B92, 27.02.2019)


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