Meat industry: Mitros to start exporting to Russia and EU

Industrial abattoir and meat processing company Mitros is slowly but surely regaining its old glory as one of the biggest meat processing plants in the former Yugoslavia. This time around they have the help of their new owner – the Austrian company Gerlinger. The new owner has invested a total of 23 million EUR so far in reinstating the production in Mitros, while the Serbian government invested another 5.8 million EUR as an employment incentive.

Mitros currently has 142 workers and slaughters up to 1,000 pigs on Mondays and Thursdays. On other working days, the workers are engaged in cutting and processing of pork both for domestic and foreign markets.

“We have gone through a lot to put Mitros back on its feet. Many things had to be done from scratch in order to have a plant that is up to global standards. We have also been publicly criticized for not launching production earlier. Now, the satisfaction with the latest developments in Mitros is growing and our company implements the best global meat processing standards”, says Ramo Adrović, CEO of Mitros.

According to him, the company’s five-year-business plan is developing smoothly and the aim is to sell 80% of the company’s products abroad.

“We have been granted a permit to export meat and meat products to Russia as of 1st October, and, on 20th October, we will start exporting to the EU. Until that happens, we are going to put in place a second shift with 100 workers. Our aim is for the abattoir to work in five production shifts with three of them working 24/7. We estimate that Mitros will have around 1,000 workers once our plans are implemented”, Adrović adds.

(Politika, 06.10.2016)

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